Casanovas Italian Made Shoes Designer

Talking Motherhood with Simonetta


In celebration of Mother's Day we caught up with Simonetta Salerno, Designer and Owner of Casanovas Italian made shoes.

We quizzed her on lessons learnt from her mother, and her role as a mother. 

Casanovas Italian Shoes Double Bay Designer Simonetta

Picture: Casanovas Italian Shoes Designer Simonetta with her two daughters Valentina and Sienna.
What is one of the greatest lessons you have learnt from your mother?
One of the greatest lessons I have learnt from my mother is not to take life too seriously. Mum was funny. She taught us to laugh, especially when we experienced harder times in life. This has made me have a brighter and easier outlook on life. She has always said "Life is short, enjoy it"
What is one of your favourite memories that you have shared with your mother?
One of my fondest memories with my mother would have to be my first trip to Italy. When I was 15, I travelled from Perth to Turin, Northern Italy with my mother and sisters to visit my big Italian family. Mum was so excited to take me to see where she grew up, and for me to connect to my heritage. I remember stepping off the plane and being hit by that crisp European air. I looked over and caught a glimpse of my Grandfather who I had never met, waiting for our arrival. He was tall, exceptionally well dressed wearing the most impeccable, shiny leather shoes. I will never forget looking at Mum and seeing the tears of joy and happiness in her eyes. She was home.
Being 15 and meeting my Italian family and experiencing Italy for the first time, was a monumental moment for me. Suddenly it all made sense, I knew who I was and where I came from.
Does your Mother share the same passion for shoes?
No! My mother hates shoes! Which is hilarious. I definitely inherited my passion for shoes from my Grandparents.


Simonetta Casanovas Italian Shoes Designer


...and how about your daughters? Do they love shoes as much as you do?
Yes they do. Valentina and Sienna both love shoes and they are so excited as they now fit into women's sizes. They are my little brand ambassadors!
What is the most important thing about being a Mother?
Teaching my children strong family values and traditions is really important for me as a mother. I am married to a Neapolitan, who is very proud of his culture, family and heritage, and so for both of us its very important that we pass this on to our girls. It's important for us to sit down every night as a family for dinner, to celebrate all Catholic Holy days together and for the girls to love and respect themselves and everybody they encounter in their lives.
How will you celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday?
I am hoping for the classic breakfast in bed, 11am Mass so we can light a candle for my Mother-in-law and all the mums out there, followed by a lovely lazy afternoon at home with my husband, my girls and our cheeky dog Rocco!